Saturday, 4 April 2015


YES! As the title suggests, I'll be flying to Korea, Seoul soon! Just booked the air tickets and hotel rooms today and I am so stoked! Can't wait to start on the itinerary but first I got to get school out of the way. *grumps* I feel myself crawling towards the end of the semester as assignments rain over me lol... Just a few more weeks, argh. 

Okay I'll check in another time, bye! Probably the shortest post I've ever written hehe.

Monday, 16 March 2015


Not sure how many of you are actually reading this right now since I've not been updating much these past few months. I
am currently was working on my essay for submission this Wednesday until I decided it's impossible for me to continue with my work when I'm down with this horrible bout of flu and sore throat, argh. I've been so busy with school that I hardly have time to update – I know I always say the same thing time after time but it is the truth. It is so hard to juggle both your social life and your school life. It is practically impossible. 

I know ads after ads are not exactly what people are interested in reading but I can't help it. I would like to pen down more about my personal thoughts and life here but I'm also really lazy, lol. I would rather laze on my bed with my phone than to switch on my laptop and surf the net on most nights. 

I haven't been to yoga classes either. If you don't know, I signed a 2-years plan with True Yoga at Pacific Plaza in December and since then, I've only been to classes 5 times. I hate how I'm throwing money into the ocean every month for not attending classes and I hate how unmotivated and lazy I am to travel to town for classes. That's partly because I feel insecure heading out with my bare face before yoga every single time. It gets to me all the time, it's so annoying! You never know who you might bump into that day okay. I'm sure you all can relate. 

Can't wait for semester to end so I can make some travel plans with the BF and family. I really hope we can finally go to Korea this time round! Much anticipation, haha. Speaking about travelling, I'll be uploading my Paris travelogue soon! Currently in the midst of editing all the photos (not like the photos need much editing cos Paris is already so gorgeous!) and arranging them in chronological order. I promise they'll be up in a jiffy! Meanwhile, if you would like to see the retarded side of me, you can always add me on snapchat @certifiedlovee. :D 

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Friday, 27 February 2015


This post is probably one of the most self-conscious post I'm ever gonna post up here and even though this is an ad, I'll like to just take the chance to talk about some personal issues, something that I've never really spoken about on my blog. I get most of these questions on anyway, so I thought I'll just write some of my thoughts on "weight issues" over here.

For those who have known me all my life, you would know that I was never a "skinny" person... But *I do not think* that I'm classified as "fat" as well. I did sports like netball in my adolescence years and build up quite a lot of muscle mass that I cannot get rid of. Sometimes, I question myself if I made the wrong choice going down that route. If I took up dancing or something, I probably wouldn't look the way I am now. But it's too late for regrets.

I have many body parts that I'm unsatisfied with – thighs, butts, calves, hips – mainly my lower body. Day in day out, I struggle with insecurities just like most girls do. For the record, the heaviest weight I've ever attained was 54kg and the lowest was 47kg. At my heaviest, I was constantly pigging out, having supper and did very little exercise. At my lightest, I did yoga, I jogged and made conscious effort to be aware of what I was eating, and it was tough. Right now, I'm currently hovering in the middle and I'm still taking time off to jog, workout and do yoga just to maintain my weight. And yes, I am one of those girls who are super afraid to go on the weighing scale, super afraid to see the numbers and super terrified to know that I've hit beyond 50kg.

That being said, I'm not entirely upset with my body. Generally, I have pretty good skin, complexion and a small waist so that kind of comforts my poor little soul sometimes. And to boost my confidence on some days, I would wear clothes that enhance those areas and that cover those "flaws". Just like the whole population of girls, I lust over pretty girls/models/actresses/all-damn-bitches-who-are-so-perfect-naturally and grumble non-stop about how I ain't smacked with good genes naturally?!


So the point that I'm trying to strive at is, I'm not perfect. If I fail to meet your imagery expectations of how I'm suppose to be, then I'm so sorry and I don't care what you think of me. How my body was/is like does not define who I am. I will only strive to be the best version of myself and if that's not enough for you, screw off.

Alright, so back to the topic at hand... I received complimentary treatments at BodyPerfect, Singapore's Slimming Professionals a month back and had some of my problem areas, mainly my thigh/hip treated. Was pretty excited for the session because I can't wait to see the results! Based on my body condition, I was recommended 3 ways to control fat, namely, Blasting, Melting, Detox and Drainage.

Disclaimer: Photos are not edited/non-photoshopped except for brightness/contrast/selective colour adjustments. 

This is my consultant, Cindy who talked me through about some of the treatments they provide. She also did a body analysis for me and she said my ideal weight was 49kg – okay, I feel that's quite attainable personally, I can do it. 

She also showed me this mock up that's suppose to simulate 2kg of fats. Apart from the fact that it looks and feels kinda disgusting, I thought it was rather interesting to see how the fats stored in your body looks like in real life! 

After the consultation, I was led to a room to begin treatment. 

So the first treatment that Cindy proposed involved using a machine together with a serum to disintegrate the fats so that it is easier for your body to burn them. 50k Cavitation technology helps to blast fat cells into smaller blocks so that their customised Fat Burn Systems can be more effective. 

Sneaky shot of my therapist, Novelle at the back who was too shy to be in any photos. 

Cindy marked out my problem area with a pen as seen above whereby most of my stubborn fats and cellulite resides. 

I was kinda expecting pain at some point throughout the session but surprisingly, the whole process didn't hurt at all. It took about 20 minutes for both sides and I thought it was kinda therapeutic, somewhat like a massage and very soothing. I remembered I nearly fell asleep, haha.  

The second treatment which involved, Fat Burn, started with a massage with a customised detox formula cream. 

This treatment is done manually and solely by your therapist. The massage was slightly unbearable for me as it is super ticklish, especially at the inner thighs but other than that, there's on pain felt or whatsoever.

Subsequently, Novelle wrapped my thighs with cling wraps after slabbing on another layer of fat burn formula on me. BodyPerfect's Fat Burn formulations are customised right before every treatment. I still can't get over how my thighs look so much like bazhang (chinese dumplings) over here. 

Novelle then told me to lie down on the bed and she wrapped me with a Far-Infra Ceramic Wrap that heats up to increase the enzymic activity and burn away the blasted fat cells. This is probably the most uncomfortable treatment out of the lot as it gets increasingly hot with time, and your skin can feel the burning effect. I had to tell Novelle to tone it down a little when she came in to check on me and my skin stayed red for awhile. 

For the 3rd and last stage, which was Detox and Drainage to expel toxins and heal the body, Novelle applied BodyFat Mobilisation System and told me to just stand... Wait, what? – Yeah that was exactly my reaction too, haha. Well, according to Novelle, standing increases the effectiveness of the treatment. This time round, it was extremely cold, I was literally shivering while standing the whole time. I was told that the purpose BodyFat Mobilisation System is to make your body cold so that it will kickstart metabolism and detox the body from all the fat burning earlier and improving lymphatic drainage. 

Finishing off this post with selfies I took while standing up. :P

Overall, it was a really pleasant experience over at Body Perfect. Cindy was super nice, friendly and attending to my needs. (: 

Verdict: As for the results, I did see a minor difference after the treatment. I lost 0.5 inches off my hips and 4 inches off my thighs in 90 minutes. My shorts did felt a little looser in the next few days. When asked if the effects would rebound, Cindy said it would not normally happen if you drink loads of water and not binge in the upcoming weeks. I am sure if I return for 6 more visits, my issues with my body would be resolved. 

For more information, visit Body Perfect at their website with regards to the kind of treatments they have. 

Also, you may now redeem a 7 days trial with BodyPerfect under Sample Store HERE


Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Azzura Beach Club

A very narcissistic blog post of us at the beach, lol... Been meaning to hit the beach with the BF for the longest time but things always got in the way. It's nice to just chill under the sun & have some beer and that's exactly what we did on the last day of our holidays!

I'm now back to the daily grind & my second semester in Lasalle is slowly coming to full swing – already dreading all the projects that's commencing but am really excited for the study trip to Paris in February!! I can't believe it's finally gonna happen in another 3 more weeks... And chinese new year is always a nice thought, no? (: 


Sunday, 28 December 2014


Last week, I attended the Style x Beauty event ZA hosted for their new launch of products for both women & men! Canap├ęs for the event:

Super pink everywhere. 

ZA's new lipstick line – will be released in January at Watson's and other departmental stores. 

We were required to bring a male friend along to the event & as Bernard couldn't be out of camp that night, I brought Justin! 

We met Narelle Kheng (1/4 of The Sam Willows) who happened to be the guest host for the night!! Much to Justin's pleasure, hahaha. 

Had dinner with the rest of the secondary school clique at Tim Ho Wan after the event. Our initial plan was to eat Hai Di Lao but the queue was so freaking long, we had 200+ tables in front of us. ): Super disappointed because I've been wanting to eat HDL for the longest time. But it's okay as I've not tried Tim Ho Wan either & their pork bun is really goooood. 

Anyway, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year everyone! :D