Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Dry & dull-looking skin has been a problem of mine since really young... Hence, I'm constantly on the look out for products to enhance my skin condition. I have really dry skin due to genetics passed down from my mum and I would always slab on tons & tons of body lotion before I sleep. However, sometimes I do get a little lazy so this problem has always been prevalent in my life. Do you have similar problems like me too?

Well, the Nivea In-shower Whitening Skin Conditioner may be the solution for you! It repairs 10 signs of dull & damaged skin while in the shower and it smells really really nice! 

Enriched with 50x higher Vitamin C from Camu Camu, the unique water-activated formula is quickly absorbed by wet skin & deeply replenishes moisture, leaving skin feeling hydrated & silky soft, even after towel drying. 

It is easy to use & works in 4 simple steps:

1. Wet & soap your skin, then rinse off
2. Use Nivea In-Shower Whitening Skin Conditioner
3. Massage & spread it all over
4. Rinse off

Isn't it convenient that you do not have to fork out extra time to put on body lotion before you sleep just to keep your skin hydrated? You can now keep your skin moisturised just by carrying out these 4 simple steps while showering! 

Each 250ml bottle of the Nivea In-shower Whitening Skin Conditioner is $10.90 and you get 25% off for every 2 bottles that you buy when you present this voucher!

Here's how to redeem your FREE Nivea In-shower Whitening Skin Conditioner samples: 

STEP 1: Sign up at for free
STEP 2: Click on 'Free Samples' tab
STEP 3: Redeem Nivea In-shower Whitening Skin Conditioner & check out for free 
STEP 4: Free delivery to your mailbox within 3 days

**Stand a chance to win a pair of GV movie vouchers or an exclusive beauty kit worth $20 when you enter coupon code 'NIVEAgift' upon checking out your Nivea In-shower Whitening Skin Conditioner sample from now till 24th August 2014! Don't miss out on this chance to try your favourite beauty brands for free! Join 130,000 people today in Singapore's FIRST & BEST Tryvertising platform who makes the smart choice to try samples before they buy!**

Have fun! (: 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Trenchcoat set from | White minimalistic heels from Taobao | Cobalt mini sling from Charles & Keith | Chunky chain necklace from Topshop 

Alley Bar 
180 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238846

Some people just sucks... And I just wanna escape from all these nonsense. That being said, I'm fine guys & please go try Alley Bar's crabmeat aglio olio, they literally serve the entire crab's meat to you – which is very rare compared to other cafes/restaurant. I hate it when there's not enough meat to go with the pasta, so I was really pleased with their serving size.

I'll update about my school week in Lasalle soon! Stay tuned, x. 

Saturday, 2 August 2014


X-back dress from @missxpetite | Sliders from City Plaza 

Last weekend's super slack outfit – I apologise for the repetitive photos with the same background, I was trying to capture the back detail of this dress while attempting a side view. 

Starting my school semester with Lasalle this coming monday – mixed feelings. 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


We've got a new family member in the household! Her name is Latte & she's a 7 weeks old Pomeranian. (: She's lightly cream in colour & is probably the cutest thing in my life, ever. There were 2 poms for us to choose from & we chose the quieter pup (the other brown pup is pictured in the background) – honestly the best decision ever because she's so tame & docile unlike the other. Sometimes I don't even know if she's hungry/thirsty because she doesn't even bark! Which is pretty worrying actually. 

Driving her home on the first day – stuffed a tissue under her backside because it was all smeared with her poop. Had such a hard time cleaning her because the poop were all hardened up & we had to resort to cutting her tainted fur away. Her previous owner really didn't do a good job taking care of her... I even found a tick on her the next day! Omg, the horror... 

She sleeps a lot. Generally, puppies nap away most parts of their day as they get tired easily. She'll usually snooze for approximately an hour plus before getting up to poop/pee. She'll then get really lively, skipping around for a good 10 to 30 minutes before falling deep into sleep again.

Also, her paws are still pink! HOW CUTE!!! 

She's also at her teething stage now so she really loves biting stuff, especially your fingers/toes. It is SO painful... Her teeth somehow grew sharper within these few days and it hurts like hell. 

Other than that, she's just being a super cute puppy that everyone loves. (: 

My parents' reacting pretty well to Latte much to my surprise. It's just so heartwarming to see someone as big as my dad come over and play with someone as small and fragile as Latte, making sure she's fed and all. My mum can't stop saying how cute she is... I can't help but feel proud like a proud Momma. :D 

She still needs to be toilet trained but other than that, she's been nothing but a gem. Bernard & I love her to bittts. ♥♥♥♥♥ Follow Latte on Instagram! 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Supply & Demand 
Orchard Gateway 

Hung out with Val over the weekend & we were just playing around with the go-pro stick our friend absentmindedly left behind as we slack at Supply & Demand. We weren't really hungry so we ordered very minimal amount of food – a carbonara to share & drinks of our own (I, of course had the latte, I can't live without coffee). The carbonara is aaamazing. However, the trouble I have with carbonara is that I get quite sick of it after eating a few mouths & wouldn't be able to finish everything but I'm very surprised that S&D actually have options like "tasting" & "filling" to choose from. Perfect for girls with small appetite or for sharing if you wanna try a larger array of food from the menu. I really like that concept! 

Headed to a dog cafe at Kembangan where one of our friend's working & we met a cute lil doggie there named Ruby! She's so cute and smart! (inserts heart-eyes emoji) 

The BF will be flying off to Taiwan for Exercise Starlight soon & so we're considering getting a puppy ourselves – mostly to keep me company while he's gone for that one month. I've always been wanting to keep a puppy since I was a little girl but my parents have always been against that idea... Nonetheless, I've already made arrangements to view some puppies this weekend, and if everything goes well, y'all will be seeing photos of puppies on my blog real soon, I really can't wait!!! :D 

I won't be revealing the breed just yet, you just gotta check back this space (or my instagram) to find out, hehe. Gonna head out to meet the BF for his nights out soon. Bye!!! 

Thursday, 17 July 2014


So I'm finally gonna blog about my 21st birthday party (yay)! Turning 21's a huge deal for me & I've been envisioning my party since like forever. I took tons of effort & time preparing for everything – sourcing for a baker, finding the perfect location, ordering the food and DIY-ing my own props! The entire process took about 1.5 to 2 months & it is a very tiring cum frustrating process I'd would say, especially if you're a worrywart/perfectionist/OCD-freak like me. 

So what went down on the actual day still remains as a blur to me... Everything happened so quickly & the next thing I knew was I had to rush the cake ceremony within 15 minutes because I was running out of time & the staff personnel was standing outside the function room, fuming & hastening me to leave – not a good feeling. 

I was so busy that I kinda feel guilty towards some of my group of friends whom I sort of neglected – my Raffles classmates, Junwei & his GF, Sophie, Huimin & Gab, the BFS crew, SAMEJKM, Jovelle & Claire, the SJI gang and my family! ): I didn't have enough time to keep everyone sufficiently entertained & I was just super worried that everyone's bored etc... And I didn't managed to take photos with everyone too. So my party was kinda a fail in my opinion. I was just so overwhelmed!!! Don't think I'll ever host a party with that many guests ever again in my life. It's honestly too much to handle & I kinda overestimated myself. 

| Location: SPGG |

SPGG function room with cluster style table layout. 

Estimated capacity: 40 pax
Room rental: $500 excluding food

Downside: I found the tables too big & it took up a lot of space. Thus, I didn't have enough space for my photobooth area. SPGG offers a few types of table layout – classroom, banquet, cluster etc... And also, if you're thinking of ordering food for the party, you're only allowed to order from SPGG themselves. However, they do offer a pretty decent menu.

(I don't have any photos of the food from that day at all because I forgot to take them.)

| Cake & Dessert table: The Cake Issue |

Cake & desserts lovingly baked & put up by The Cake Issue. I generally had good reviews about the brownies, lemon meringue tarts & crumble shots – which were my personal favourites as well. I loved the crumble shots so much I couldn't stop feasting on them even at home after the party! 

I absolutely adored the set up too, especially how every dessert name card & cupcake had my name/initial on it... I really love details like this. (;

Dessert table: $890
Cake: $300~ 

| Decors |

All of my decors (besides the balloons) are handmade. It took me super long to do them but it was worth it. I got the tutorials off the net and they're super easy to make! – 

You can get these crepe papers from either Art Friend/Spotlight, they don't cost much at all. 

I bought nail polishes for my guests to paint on as the theme was punk rock, but no one was sporting enough to do so – except my BF. I also bought light stick headgears for photoshoot purposes but it was completely ignored and untouched throughout the party – fail. 

I also made cards using photoshop for my guests to fill in for my birthday scrapbook. I adopted this idea from one of my friend's party & thought it was pretty cool & different from the usual filling in of birthday wishes. However, the feedback I got from my friends were that it was too hard to fill in as they don't know what to write. ): I suggest simplifying the sentences if you'll like to use this idea as well. Some of the cards were left blank halfway, it was so horrible! 

Other visuals: 

More photos can be found here on Facebook. 

A HUGE thank you to those who came down earlier to help me decorate the place – especially my BF's parents who helped put up the pom poms, the BF for shipping those huge ass balloons that filled up the entire backseat of the car and driving without the use of the rearview mirror as well as Klinton for loaning me the polaroid printer. Lastly, thank you everyone for coming down! I hope to catch up with each and everyone of you all soon. (: